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Marblehead Trophy 2023 in Venice

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16 Giugno 2023 - 18 Giugno 2023

Categoria International Regatta, Regata Internazionale

Località Venezia, Venice

Classi Dragon, Dragone

Circoli CDV

The Marblehead Trophy 2023 will be held in Venice, Italy from June 16th to 18th.
The defending Yacht Club Compagnia della Vela of Venice has chosen the Dragon again as the
class in which to sail this historic competition.
Racing for the Marblehead Trophy is intended to be held in the Adriatic Sea in front of the Lido.
In addition, there will be the Venice Harbor Race finishing in front of St Mark’s square.
According to the Deed of Gift each challenging club can send one team only.
Entries will be in two steps:
– first each challenging club must nominate its team and send the Challenge Form to the organizing club at
– once accepted each team must register individually.
For logistic reasons entries will be limited to 25 teams.

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