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The historical San Marco Clubhouse

The historical Clubhouse of the Compagnia della Vela now stands in the grounds where there were once the slipways for the construction of boats and then the greenhouse and the belvedere of the Royal Gardens.
The neoclassical building, designed and constructed by Santi in 1820, has been home to our association since 1939. Initially it was used for storing dinghy equipment and later became our Clubhouse.

Until a few years ago, member’s boats were moored on the shore opposite. These included mouse boats, gigs, O-Jolles, dinghies, pleasure yachts and racing boats that competed against one another in Bacino di San Marco (St. Mark’s Basin) when it had not yet been invaded by the intense traffic of the present day.

Today, the beautiful terraces and the elegant clubroom host social gatherings in a unique and exclusive setting, just a stone’s throw from St Mark’s Square.


San Marco, Giardinetti n. 2
30124 Venezia
t. (+39) 041 5222593

Restaurant of The historical
San Marco Clubhouse

t. (+39) 041 5222593

San Giorgio Sports Centre of Excellence

The Sports Centre of Excellence was created from one of the buildings belonging to Centro Marinaro, established by the Giorgio Cini Foundation in 1952 to accommodate about 600 children, made up of boarders and non-boarders, who were orphans of sailors and fishermen, in order to provide them with a vocational education and prepare them for work at sea.

The renovation project to turn the building into a Nautical Sports Centre of Excellence (CSE) involved the refurbishment of the indoor areas and the blending of the existing architecture and the environment, with a particular regard to landscape conservation and redevelopment. It also included making the shore and the surrounding waters accessible and the promotion and development of maritime culture.

All the new choices were aimed at achieving a well-balanced relationship between all the indoor areas and to improve the impact of the listed property on the landscape, the surrounding area, and to enhance the awareness of the environment.

The spaces are the heart of the Compagnia della Vela’s sports activities: from the sailing school, which is no longer seasonal and follows the young students throughout the entire year, to the gym, to the boat storage facilities, to the guest accommodation for the athletes and all related activities.

On the first floor, on the other hand, there are areas for social and educational activities such as the library (Biblioteca del Mare e del Vento), a large multifunctional room for sports, cultural and catering events and a meeting place for members – the magnificent Clubhouse overlooking Bacino di San Marco (St Mark’s Basin).


Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore n.5
30124 Venezia
t. (+39) 041 5200884